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Mir Da'len Somniar
Shut Me Down
Prawn Shop
Girls (Ho+mestuck)
want y0u g0ne
Answer Me (Calliope)
Prince of Doom
See the Light (Lights Parody)
Even in Death (lyrics)
Poor Alternian Trolls
[S] Die Young
Half Dead and So Alive
CrockerCorp Bitch
(Kind 0f) Still Alive
Jane's Rap
Can You Feel The Gay Tonight
Blow (Grimdark Edition)
never gonna be together
Call For Me (Calliope)
O)( NO!
CrockerCorp Bitch (Bubblegum Bitch parody)
[] - totalspiffage - CrockerCorp Bitch (Bubblegum Bitch parody)
Hymn of the Horrorterrors
I Don't Know What Homestuck Is
(Lemme Tell You Bout) Homestuck
You Can't Feel My Love
Astronaut (Amanda Palmer Cover)
You're Welcome (Overwatch Parody)
Light Me Up
Call for me ~ Calliope
Fork in your Future
Maybe (In a New Game)
No Surprise (Lies Parody)
Your Mother is Here(A Lullaby for Roxy)
Finally Alive
want y0u g0ne [Homestuck parody of Want You Gone from Portal 2]
Mir Da'len Somniar (Dragon Age Dalish Lullaby)
Even in Death
The Dirkjake Chorus
Temptations of Love Potions
Does Kanaya Know
Hymn of Horrorterrors (Futma Kul Shemtor)
Showtime (Haunting Lullaby Refrain)
Dream With Me
Your Mother is Here (A Lullaby for Roxy)