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Albums by this artist:

Bookie Wookie
Fasen Fars I Bungen
Feel The Force Around You
Shut Up & Dance
Schritte im Schnee
Will It Blend
Concept of Freedom
Complete Truth
Wurm in Apfel
Froggy France
Face The Alien - Original Mix
Eternal Lovers (SCPreview)
Positive Drugstory
Narrow Ways
Anders Vers
Sacha Waponi
The White Walker
War on Drugs
Concept of Freedom - Original Mix
Horny Monkeys
Face The Alien (Original Mix)
Face The Alien
They danced at night
Moquis Dream
Eternal Lovers
Sensient - Galaxians (Phasenverschiebungen RMX)
Shut up and dance
PHaSenVerScHiEbunGeN Live@Gaggallacka
OUT ON PARASOMNIA REC: VA: Pagan Gods: Televised Revolution
1.Narrow Ways
PHaSenVerScHiEbunGeN & Fungophago Teachings In Silence (SC - Version)
Funkelndes Rauschen
"The Psychedelic Transcendence Show" on Radio Schizoid
Fungo - VerScHiEbunGeN - Dream Bending Parasites(sC - Version)
05 - Phasenverschiebungen - HarMonized