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Albums by this artist:

in the dark
Sonic Beat
07 New Dress
New dress
Steve the driver
Time Out of Joint
Come Closer
game over
holy tree
The return
Slow down
one more scar
The Planet
When You Are Sad
Back to Reality
The Highlands (In Memory of Stuart Adamson)
Sonic Beat 2
Green Automobile
Slow Down II
Temple Of Love (Holy Tree Studio)
The Blame
When You Are Old
For Your Love (live in Catania 2006)
Jesus (live in Catania 2006)
Green Automobile (Holy Tree Studio)
The Kids Are Allright (live in Catania 2006)
Soul Victim
When You Are Old (Ferrara)
Sonic Beat (1986)
Sonic Beat (original)
Sonic Beat (1984)
Come Closer.wv
Time Out Of Joint.wv
Time out
Sonic Beat.wv
Sonic Beat (Original Version)
01 New Dress
02 Steve The Driver
04 Slow Down
Sonic beat (first v.)
Go Flamingo! - Sonic beat (original version)
In The Dark (64kbit)
03 The Return
05 Annie