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Albums by this artist:

It's Tough to Be a God
La Vie en Rose (French Version.)
Fly Me to the Moon
Prince Ali
Can't Help Falling in Love
I Am a Girl Like You
Hurt Incantation
My R
Holding Out for a Hero
They're Only Human
Soldier, Poet, King
Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses Theme
The Other Side
The Wellerman
Friends on the Other Side
Stacy's Dad
Once Upon a December
La Vie en Rose (English)
I Won't Say I'm in Love
Being Human
Remember Me
Here Comes a Thought
Little Miss Perfect
The Ballad Of Sara Berry
I'm Just Your Problem
You Will Be Okay (Stolas' Lullaby)
Be Prepared
I'm Still Standing
Into the Unknown
Smooth Criminal
Give It Up
Poor Unfortunate Souls
I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)
How Bad Can I Be
Isabella's Lullaby
Let Us Adore You - Reprise
It's Over, Isn't It
She Used to Be Mine
Drift Away
Surface Pressure
Good Riddance
Hex Girl
Plastic Love
Defying Gravity