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Albums by this artist:

Finally Got it Right
We are not alone
Pink Eazy Weeny
Heavy Shark
The Torture never stops
Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Joe's Cajun Garage
**NEW SINGLE(Full Version)** The Pony Suite ** feat.Ike Willis
Frankies Tune
The Secret Word
broken hearts are for assholes
More Trouble Every Day (Live -Spring Tour 2016)
Santana Variations
See What The Day Brings
Music is the Best
Gregor the Swami
The Pony Suite
Dirty Animal
Wino Willies Montana Hop
Mysterious Masala
ZAPPATiKA (feat.Jeff Hollie)- Black Napkins
Muffin Man
I am the Slime
Joes cajun garage
Watermelon in Easter Hay (live feat. IKE WILLIS)
dance the Mervy the Pervy riff
Dirty Love
Titties n Beer
Wonderful Wino
Screaming Digit
Indian Yo
Whippin' Post
My guitar wants to kill your momma
The Short but Legendary Flight of the Dodo
Cosmik debris
City of Tiny Lites
I Dont Think So!
Age Of The Megabot
Live on the Isle of Wight -KEEP IT GREASY
Crew Slut (with 5 original musicians from Joes Garage album)
The Pony Suite (feat. Twister Steward & Jeff Hollie)
2014 UK - Zoot Found His Suit
i don't think so
Ain't Necassarily So
Deception In The Night
Indian Joe