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Albums by this artist:

Mind Heist
The Way
See What I've Become
End Of An Era
Don't Get In My Way
Facing Demons
This Is Our Legacy
Waiting Between Worlds
The Calling
The Way (instrumental)
Graven Image
Open Spaces
Nice To Meet Me
Standing Still
Mind Heist: Evolution
So Many Trails, So Many Tears
To Return
Empty Room
The Arrival
Remember Me
I'll Find A Way
At War With Me
Mind Heist: The Birth of an Idea
The Forgotten
Greeting The Menace
I Can Get It Back
Fade Away
Mind Heist: The Promise of Tomorrow
Mind Heist: No Turning Back
So Silent
The Runner
Silver Crimson Black
Teachings Of A Ronin
Lesson from a Nomad
Into the Valley
Vengeance (Instrumental)
The Zoo
R.E.F. (Warrior's Lullabye)
Waiting Between Worlds (Instrumental)
Lost and Found
See What I've Become (Many Worlds)
Mind Heist: Beyond Control
Vengeance (lyrical mix)