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Albums by this artist:

Maybe There's A World
Midday (Avoid City After Dark)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
When Butterflies Leave
One Day At A Time
In The End
I Think I See The Light
Whispers From A Spiritual Garden
The Beloved
Heaven/Where True Love Goes
Heaven/ Where True Love Goes
Greenfields, Golden Sands
Welcome Home
Everytime I Dream
All Kinds Of Roses
World O' Darkness
The Rain
This Glass World
Be What You Must
Thinking 'Bout You
Thinkin' Bout You
Father And Son - New Steve Mac with Strings
Dream on (Until)
Dream On (Until...)
My People
Heaven/ Where True Love Goes (Live at The Old Vic Theatre)
I Was Raised In Babylon
reenfields, golden sands
Big Boss Man
Dying to Live
Father & Son - Yusuf's Cafe / Live
You Are My Sunshine
Gold Digger
The Long and Winding Road
Tell 'em I'm Gone
Editing Floor Blues
Cat & The Dog Trap
The Devil Came from Kansas
Wild World - Yusuf's Cafe / Live
Moonlight Praise
Father & Son - Yusuf's Cafe live version
There Is Peace
Heaven / Where true love goes
Wild World - Yusuf's Cafe live version
Heaven/Where True Love Goes (Album Version)
Father And Son - New Steve Mac