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Albums by this artist:

Young Tender Hearts Beat Fast
Leap Of Desire I
Nowhere To Run To
B2 You Love Her Coz Shes Dead - Wizards
Pull Out The Nails
Leap of Desire II
Mud (Feat. Sucker Twin)
Diamonds (feat. Lalib Thabib)
New Superheroes
Young Tender Hearts Beat Fast (YLHCSD Remix)
Me Versus You (Unicorn Kid Remix)
Me Versus You (Original)
No Pain No Lust
Me Versus You (I Am Program Remix)
Mud - Feat. Sucker Twin
Crystal Deth (Feat. Mia Mort)
Paraffin Remastered
I Just Want You To Know
It Means Nothing
Take This and Be Free (2013 Demo)
You're the Silence
Fell off the Edge (feat. Mia Mort)
Sunday Best (Tying Tiffany Remix)
She Was an Idiot
Dead End (Scion Edit)
Me Versus You (Single)
Hole in My Shoe (feat. Mia Mort)