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Albums by this artist:

Opening Theme
Flight (Synthesizer Version)
Sudden Change
Main Title (Synthesizer Version)
Staff Roll (Synthesizer Version)
Main Theme (Orchestral Complete Version)
Departed Spirit
Creature Revived
Final Decision
The Imperial District Goes Up In Flames
Flight (Orchestra)
Tower (Complete Version)
The Expected Enemy
Main Title (Orchestra Complete Version)
Staff Roll (Orchestra)
Main Theme
Sudden Turn ~ BOSS 1
Staff Roll
Legend of Light
Imperial Armada
Forbidden Forest
Worms ~ EPISODE 2
Reactivation ~ BOSS 4
Confrontation ~ BOSS 2
Giant Creature
The Empire ~ EPISODE 3
Destiny Begins
The Great Canyon
Flagship ~ BOSS 5
Departed Souls ~ EPISODE 4
Sea of Ice
Assault ~ EPISODE 5
The Empire
The Empire's Giant Carrier
The Journey
Water Dragon
The Darkness Strikes
Instinctively Aggressive Creatures
Main Title [From Panzer Dragoon]