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Party In My Tummy
I Like To Dance
Goodbye Song
Don't Be Afraid
Get The Sillies Out
Hold Still
Name Game
The Freeze Game
Try It, You'll Like It
All My Friends Are Different
I Love Bugs
Nice & Easy
Don't Bite Your Friends
High Fives
Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme
The Robot Song
I'm So Sorry
Closing Theme
Hello Song
Follow The Oskie Bugs
Do Our Own Thing
Help Your Friends
Mixing Up Colors
Save The Princess
Live Show Intro Remix
That Is What Friends Are For
Mixing Up Colors Remix
Party In My Tummy (Ursula 1000 B'More Re-Think)
Dinosaurs Are Really Really
Clean It Up
Freeze Game
Balloons (Live Show Version)
Let’s Be Awesome While We Wait
Art Is Everywhere
Rest Up
Happy Birthday
Lovely, Love My Family
It's Okay, Try Again
Nice 'N' Clean
Time to Go Outdoors
Jumpy Jump Jump
Robo Dancing
All My Friends Are Insects