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It Appears to Have Done So Without
A Shift of Attention Across Lines, Colors and Patterns
Something Is Sure to Happen! (She Said)
Side-Effects of Diversity
An Ever Changing Landscape (Depending On Your Point of View)
How to Get Dry Again?
Time Of The Year
Blue Forest I
A Large Selection of Unknown Origins
Moving Waves
Blue Forest II
To Look Further Afield
Blue Forest III
1st. Lite
Liquid Piano
Somewhere Between
Wind and Sea
Concordia Avenue
The Endless Now
Tomorrow Never Knew
Because the Sun
The Question She Is Asking
Out the Window Often
How to Get Dry Again
2nd Desire - Solo Guitar
Honour Thy Error as a Hidden Intention
Something is Sure to Happen!
Do the Words Need Changing
The Most Important Thing Is the Thing Most Easily Forgotten
Since as Soon as There Is Less
Disconnect from Desire
Use an Unacceptable Colour
Peculiar Yellow Pall
In Another Part
Repetition Is a Form of Change
Do We Need Holes
Once the Search Is in Progress, Something Will Be Found
But There May Not Be Enough
Only a Part, Not the Whole
The Inconsistency Principle
Go Outside, Shut the Door