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Albums by this artist:

Prevent Anemia
Intestinal Bleeding
As Silent as the Grave
Corporal Punishment
Conceal Interior Torments
Performed in Depth
Beyond the Gloomy
Several Shapes
A Sweet Taste of Death
From the Beggars Hand
Wings of Horror
Crawling from the Pits
We Shall Remain
A Vulgar Declaration
Choirs of the Damned
In a Cloack of Anger
Under Apokalypsens Svarta Vingar
The Weakest Flesh
I Am The Abyss
Fall Of The Weak
Putrid And Bound (By The Seed Of Satan)
Paid In Blood
Abandoned Furthermore
Embrace Death
The Great Desolation
Underneath the Rotten Soil
Footsteps of Armageddon
Born of Filth
Punisher of Broken Oaths
Harvester of Sin
Cold Steel Salvation
Underneath This Rotten Soil
Hail the Obscene
Brutal Mights
Unholy Madness
In a Cloak of Anger
Tales from the Darkside
Beyond the Gloomy (Brutal Mights Demo 1992)
Descent into a Maelstrom
Lies after cries of Hope
Lavatory Suicide Remains
Brutal Mights - Brutal Mights Demo 1992
Tales from the Darkside - Brutal Mights Demo 1992
Laughter through thousand Winds
Several Shapes (Several Shapes 7" EP 1992)
Unholy Madness - Brutal Mights Demo 1992