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Albums by this artist:

Dead for a Day
In the Eyes of Idols
Mother of the Soul
Rapture Ballet
Astrid Falls
Wake of Infinity
Dying for the Sun
To the Calling of Blood and Dreams
The Math of the Myth
Crawling from Validity
The Wedlock Observation
The Inheritance
The Examiner
God Of Ruin
The Northern Sanctuary
Vila I Frid
The New Tomorrow
Defenders Of Creation
Dead For Another Day
A World Without Heroes
A CRy For Everyone
Last Rose Of Summer
Out In The Cold
Last Rose of Summer (Judas Priest Cover)
A Cry for Everyone (Gentle Giant Cover)
The New Tomorrow - Vinyl Mix
Defenders Of Creation - Vinyl Mix
A World Without Heroes - Vinyl Mix
Out In The Cold - Vinyl Mix
Dead For Another Day - Vinyl Mix
In the Eyes of Idols (Instrumental)
Wake of Infinity (Instrumental)
Rapture Ballet (Instrumental)
Out In The Cold (Judas Priest cover)
The New Tomorrow (Vinyl Mix)
Marionette (Instrumental)
Divinity (Instrumental)
The Examiner (Instrumental)
God of Ruin (Instrumental)
Dead for Another Day (Vinyl Mix)
A World Without Heroes (Kiss cover)
The Northern Sanctuary (Instrumental)
Defenders of Creation (Warrior cover)
Vila i Frid (Instrumental)
Defenders of Creation (Vinyl Mix)
A World Without Heroes (Vinyl Mix)
Out in the Cold (Vinyl Mix)
Wake of Infinity (full dynamic mix)