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Albums by this artist:

Last Train to Hell
On The Edge Of Eternity
The Real Me
In My Dreams
New Dawn
Coming Home
The King and the God
Etherland (alternative)
Black Rain
Seven Deadly Sins
Chaos Dwells Within
The Winter War
Overture 1939
The Land Of The Free
Emptiness Inside
Nightfall Symphony
Last Man Standing
Take On Me
Another World
Forever Gone
Alpha Draconis - Radio Mix
Into the Shades of Gray
The Cruxshadows
Forever Gone (Bonus Track)
Love Ain't No Stranger
Unholy Propaganda
Love Ain't No Stranger (Bonus Track)
In My Dreams [Instrumental]
Rolling Thunder
Love Ain't No Stranger (Bonus Track For Japan)
My Own Purgatory
Into the Veil
Eternal Decay
Wild Heart
A World Apart
Albedo - Radio Mix
Real Me
Farewell To Saints - Nightfall Symphony
Farewell To Saints - Last Man Standing
King And The God
Farewell To Saints - Chaos Dewlls Within
Land Of The Free
Farewell To Saints - The Winter War
Farewell To Saints - Black Rain
Farewell To Saints - Emptiness Inside
Just In My Dream's
The The King and the God