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Black But Sweet
Song No. 99
Sweet Like a Honey Bee
War Declaration
Tiger Tom Kill Tiger Cat
Bobby Sox Idol (Frank Sinatra)
Poor But Ambitious
Stop Coming and Come
I Need a Man
No Mo' Bench And Board
The Cooks In Trinidad
Sweet Papa Willie
Trifling Men
African Love Call
Honey I'm Bound To Go
The Devil Behind Me
Unfortunate Milley
The Calypso Way
Blow Wind Blow
Mama, Call the Fire Brigade
Uncle Jo' Gimmie Mo'!
Glorius Centenary
Bobby Sox Idol
Monkey Swing
Rum and Coca-Cola (Parts 1 & 2)
Bandsman Shooting Case
Brave Son of America
That Big Black Woman
Teacher Nose Gay the Shouter
He Had It Coming
Uncle Jo' Gimme Mo'
West Indian Sugar Crop
Cipriani's And Bradshaw's Death
He Dead, He Gone Already
The Welcome of Their Majesties
Mickey Cipriani's Career
Arima Tonight, Sangre Grande Tomorrow Night
Queen of the Amazon
Tiger Tom Kill Tiger Cat, Damblay, Santapie and Rat
way down sobo
Hot Dogs Made Their Name
Gravel Gertie
Hit and Run Away
Gin and Cocoanut Water
Moan People Moan
Good Night Ladies and Gents
Cousin, Cousin, Scratch Here So for Me
Rum and Coca Cola
Don't Do That To Me