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Take My Side
Finish What I Started
Son of God
What I Want
Something's Coming
Sing to Me
Close My Eyes
You Must Be Kidding
Sun Comes Up
Outta Here
Hard Times
Clean Monday
Waving Flag
I Don't Know What I Don't Know
Madonna Can't Save Me Now
Hide It Away
By The Waters Of Babylon
Not Gonna Die
Encore – Tell Me We’re All Right
Madonna Can’t Save Me Now
Something’s Coming
Public Defender
Encore – Friday Night
Love Asked Me to Stay
Hard Times - Shiftee & Zak Leever's Blood Rave Remix
City on a Hill
Encore - Friday Night
Christmas 2014
Take My Side - Live
Encore - Tell Me We're All Right
Encore - Tell Me We’re All Right
Will Butler - Take My Side
Electrolite [R.E.M.]
Friday Night
What I Want - OFFICIAL
Take My Side (Live)
2323 Take My Side
Anything You Want / 4 July 17
You Must Be Kidding Me
I Don't Know