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Albums by this artist:

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
The Great Escape
After Hours
This Scene Is Dead
It's A Hit
Can't Lose
Lousy Reputation
Worth The Wait
What's The Word
Chick Lit
Lethal Enforcer
Rules Don't Stop
Let's See It
Spoken For
Altered Beast
That's What Counts
I Don't Bite
Nice Guys
History Repeats
Jack & Ginger
Mucho Más
Break It Up
The Great Escape - Album Version;
You Should Learn
Foreign Kicks
Central AC
The Great Escape Under The Sea
The Great Escape (Explicit )
The Bomb Inside the Bomb
The Great Escape (Acoustic)
Bang Bang Rock & Roll
Dumb Luck
Ram It Home
Callbacks Under the Sea
Be My Baby
This Means War
What You Do Best