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Albums by this artist:

Que Sera
Ungodly Fruit
How I Feel
Once Upon a Past
I Don't Know
The Tune
There Is Danger
Am I Free
Damn That Music Made My Day
Don't You Remember
A Woman's Voice
Birth Of A Struggle
Radio Broadcast
Stay Tuned
Beyond Words
No Pity
Behind the Curtain (Opening)
Sit & Listen
Masquerade Theme (Skit)
Positively Inclined
Already begun (skit)
Our Dance
Escape Theme (Skit)
Seize The Day
The Games You Play
Hypnosis Theme (feat. Marina Quaisse)
time to go
Hypnosis Theme
Like an Hourglass
City Vapors
Que Sera - Phonovisions Symphonic Version
Heart Stop
Only Once
Dusty Rainbow
Where My Heart's At (feat. The Others)
Walk the Line (feat. The Others)
To Dry Up
We Be
The Way We Lived
From the Dark
Hypnosis Theme (Feat Marina Quaisse)
Dragon Chasers (feat Charlotte Savary)
We have lost the way
positively inclined (feat marina quaisse & A.S.M)
Time to Go (feat. Aloe Blacc)
Walk the Line