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Albums by this artist:

Cherry Pie
Uncle Tom's Cabin
I Saw Red
Sometimes She Cries
Down Boys
Mr. Rainmaker
Bed of Roses
Sure Feels Good to Me
Big Talk
Blind Faith
32 Pennies
Machine Gun
Love In Stereo
Song And Dance Man
We Will Rock You
The Bitter Pill
Thin Disguise
All My Bridges Are Burning
You're The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
Let It Rain
In The Sticks
The Hole In My Wall
Ridin' High
April 2031
Ode To Tipper Gore
So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)
Cold Sweat
Hollywood (so far, so good)
Andy Warhol Was Right
Sad Theresa
Train, Train
Hole in My Wall
Inside Out
Train Train
Innocence Gone
I Saw Red (Acoustic Version)
The Last Straw
Dirty Jack
The Power (Demo)
sweet cherry pie
Devil's Juice
Bourbon County Line
Cherry Pie (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
Love Strikes Like Lightning