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Albums by this artist:

No Paradise
I Need You
Robot Gangbang
Strongest Formation
Opening Statements
Watch Your Back - Radio Edit
Strive For Domination
Menace - D-Sturb Remix Radio Edit
Open Your Eyes - Radio Edit
Synchronised (Official Live For This 2019 Anthem)
Control The Soul
From The South
Set Me Free
Hit The Ground
Breaking The Rules
Blow The Speakers
Face Rocker
FTP - E-Force Remix
Game Over
Welcome To The Jungle - Radio Edit
Suppression Of Heresy
F the Industry
For The Night
This Is Vengeance
Menace - D-Sturb The Next Level Remix
Day One
Disphoria - Radio Edit
Judgment Defiles
Fatal Inequity
FTP - Original Mix
Divine Power
Pull The Killswitch - Radio Edit
Collective Paranoia
Insanity Of The Obsessed
FTP - E-Force Remix Radio edit
Number 1
Bloody Valentine
Full Term Refuse
No Tears
Break Your Neck
Fragmented Salvation
Climatic Annihilation
Journey Of Ecstasy
Path To Extinction - Radio Edit
Out Of Death