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Albums by this artist:

Dance Hall Days
Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Dance Hall Days (Re-Recorded)
Fire In The Twilight
To Live And Die In L.A.
Don't Let Go
Let's Go
Space Junk
Hypnotize Me
Don't Be My Enemy
Praying To A New God
Everybody Have Fun Tonight [December 1986]
City Of The Angels
Dance Hall Days - Psychemagik Remix
Let's Go!
Space Junk (Wang Chung '97)
What's So Bad About Feeling Good?
Even If You Dream
True Love
Look At Me Now
The Waves
Every Big City
The Red Stare
Big World
Devoted Friends
Talk It Out
Dance Hall Days (Remix)
Fun Tonight: The Early Years
Lets Get Along
Let's Go (Re-Recorded)
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Re-Recorded)
Wake Up, Stop Dreaming
To Live And Die In LA
Wake Up Stop Dreaming
Rent Free
City of Light
The Flat Horizon
Dance Hall Days (Flashing Back To Happiness 7" Mix)
Eyes Of The Girl
London Orbital
To Live And Die In LA - From The Movie To Live And Die In LA
The World In Which We Live
When Love Looks Back At You
Abducted By the 80's
A Fool And His Money