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Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)
These Days
Pictures of Girls
Remember When
Drunk on Halloween
1980s Horror Film II
Only Friend
Treacherous Doctor
Ice Cold Pool
Just Like A Movie
1980s Horror Film
Nobody Gets Me (Like You)
Do Not Wait
It's Only Right
Worlds Apart
What You Like
I'm Full
Virtual Aerobics
Let The Sun In
Sun Tan
Trust Fall
With A Little Help From My Friends
Pulling Leaves off Trees
Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) - Mura Masa Remix
Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House
Are You Bored Yet? - Live from Henson Studios
Wish Me Luck
Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) - Big Data Remix
Dig What You Dug
Talk Like That
Treacherous Doctor - Live from Henson Studios
Scrawny - Live from The Fonda Theatre
Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) - Sachi of Joy Again Remix
Are You Bored Yet?
Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) - Radio Edit
Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) - Commentary
Only Friend - Commentary
Scrawny - Commentary
Sidelines - Commentary
What You Like - Commentary
Ice Cold Pool - Commentary
Treacherous Doctor - Commentary
Worlds Apart - Commentary