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Albums by this artist:

Pills of Conformity
Blood Don't Flow Streamlined
As the World Burns
A Path of Infamy
The Benevolent Pawn
Grim Apparitions
The Tower
Race For The Gallows
The Crumbling Realm
To Sever the Hand of Corruption
The Bolted Door
Divine - Appalling
The Hound
Crooks & Sinners
This Cursed Flesh
Blood On the Trail
I Hung My Heart On Harrow Square
Crowning The Cycle
Lost Among Liars
The Dead Won't Mind
A Knife Between Us
Of Branded Blood
The Pulse of Bliss
Tales Of Woe
The Hangman's Hatch
Something Vile
Blood Don't Eliogabalus
The Beacon
The Hangman’s Hatch
My Body, My Blood
Gentle Touch of a Killer
Screaming Reflections
Midnight Draws Near
Blood Don't Eliogabalus - Bonus Track
Untitled (Hidden Track)
The Demon And The Fool
The Sleeper
The Enemy Within
I Am Apathy
The City in the Sea
The Hangman’s Hatch
Blood Don't Eliogabalus (bonus)
As the World Burns (official premiere)
The Hangman‚s Hatch
The Dead Won´t Mind