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Albums by this artist:

Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize
Regorge in the Morgue
The Carnage Rages On
Chaos Fury
A Lesson In Virulence
Ripe Cadavers
Eternal Trail Of Corpses
Scavenging The Slaughtered
Blessed And Forsaken
The Burning Black
Hollow Retribution
Rage Of Honour
They Will Burn
The Ravenous Dead
Defiled And Inferior
March Into Oblivion
Rebirth Of The Grotesque
Whispers From The Dead
Madness Prevails
Redeemed In Flames
Rotting Hill
Gore Apocalypse
Eternity Appears
Flesh Passion
Blood Rapture
Great Deceiver
Cremation Ceremony
The Dead Awaken
Nailed, Quartered, Consumed
Stray Bullet Kill
Hate in a Time of War
Primal Massacre
Forever Damned
Torturous Ingenious
Revelation Nausea
Beneath The Soil
Autopsy Extravaganza
Epidemic (Created To Kill)
Shrouded in Darkness
Chainsaw Surgery
Demon's Divine
The Art Of War
Condemned By Pride
Cursed Revelations