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Albums by this artist:

Skin The Lambs
Son Of Cain
Sentenced To Fall
Daughter Of Filth
Working Class Misanthropy
The Vampire of Beuthen
Carnivorous Lunar Activities
No Ground To Hold
Dni Szarańczy
Dead Whore's Corpse
Dark Days of the Soul
Days Of Cathartic Solitude
A Song For Lennon
Death Wish
High on Hate
Naprzód Donikad!
War Is Certain, Peace Is Not
Man of Dark Secrets
The Void Is Where The Heart Is
Hailing the Devil in Me
Savage Land Chopping Spree
Feed Them to the Pigs
Malignant Crescendo
Crumbs of Divinity
Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
Silent Night, Deadly Night (25.12.1976)
Dead Whore’s Corpse
Dyskretny Urok Upadku
Naprzód Donikąd!
Burnout Hearts Exhibition
Through the Holocaust of Optimism
Dni Szarańczy
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night (25
Dark Days Of The Soul (Official Album Stream)
Naprzod Donikad!
Wszyscy Wypierdalać
Carnivorous Lunar Activity
Silent Night,Deadly Night (25.12.1976)
Naprzód Donikad
Dni Szarañczy
Wszyscy Wypierdalaæ
Voidhanger - Dyskretny Urok Upadku