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Albums by this artist:

Where Do You Run To
Tell The World
All The Time
Wild Eyes
Such A Joke
Going Insane
Never See Me Again
I Believe In Nothing
I Heard You Say
Can't Get Over You
When I'm Gone
Take It As It Comes
Dance (If You Wanna)
Walking Alone At Night
I Have No Fun
The Other Girls
Lake House
The Desert
The End
Trying To Pretend
I'm Not Asleep
Out For The Sun
Sixteen Ways
Double Vision
Before I Start To Cry
You're My Guy
Vanishing Of Time
Light In Your Eyes
John, I'm Only Dancing
Surfin Away
Something To Do
Second Date
Most of All
Your Kind Of Life
Moped Girls
My Baby Wants Me Dead
At It Again
Lonely Girl
I Can't Stay
My Love Will Follow Me
Blind Spot
I'm Far Away