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Albums by this artist:

Fade to Grey
Mind of a Toy
In the Year 2525
The Damned Don't Cry
Night Train
The Anvil
Moon over Moscow
The Dancer
Pleasure Boys
Blocks on Blocks
Damned Don't Cry
Love Glove
Malpaso Man
The Steps
I'm Still Searching
We Move
Fade to Gray
Shameless Fashion
Fade To Grey - 12" Version
Frequency 7 (dance mix)
Never Enough
Beat Boy
We Move (remix)
We Move (dance mix)
Fade to Grey (extended)
Fade To Grey - Extended Version
She's Electric (Coming Around)
Fade to Grey (Bassheads 7" edit)
Look What They've Done
Move Up
Again We Love
Der Amboss
Fade To Grey (12'' version)
Hidden Sign
The Horseman
Frequency 7
She's a Machine
Dreamer I Know
Pleasure Boys (dance mix)
Wild Life
Loving The Alien - Invasion Remix
Fade to Grey - Extended
On We Go
Anvil Night Club School
I Am Watching
Lost in Static