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Christianity Has No Chance
Innocence from Hell
Contemplating the Pitch Black
Banished Rhythmic Hate
Asmodeus Rising
Possessed (From Within)
Birth of the Devil Fetus
Lust and Destruction
Satan Ruler of Earth
View of a Desolate Wasteland
The Burning Embers of Mockery
Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering
The Red Flames of Sin
The Judas Goat
Accepting the Rise of Satanism
Swallowed By Black Mass
Unorthodox Steps of Ritual
The Woods Own Countless Voices
Overlord of Infinite Depression
The Long and Mighty Reign of Satan
Draped in Treachery
The Gathering
The Seventh Storm of the Blood Demon
Invocation Toward The Conjuration Of Black Souls
Raped by an Angel
Poisoned By the Blood of Christ
Outro (The Blood of Sadus)
(Intro) Sons Of Sadus
(Outro) The Blood Of Sadus
Intro - Sons of Sadus
Poisoned By The Blood Of The Christ
Intro (The Song of Sadus)
Possessed - From Within
Invocation Towards Lonjuration of Black Souls
Intro: Song Of Faduf
Banished Rythmic Hate
Intro (The Sons Of Sadus)
Intro: Sons Of Sadus
Intro: Song of Sadus
Invocation Toward the Conjurat
Intro (The Song Of Faduf)
Invocation Towards Conjuration of Black Souls
01. Intro - Sons Of Sadus
Christianity Has No Chance [Instrumental]
AcceptingThe Rise Of Satanism
Unspoken Vows Of A Midnight Offering [Instrumental]
The Blood of Sadus