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Albums by this artist:

Summer Breeze
Eternal Beauty
Footprints In The Sand
Mystic Traveller
1000 Miles Away
Afternoon Tea
Night Raindrops
Whisper Of The Evening Sea
Deserted Beach
Whisper Of The Night Sea
Forever Mine
Your Game My Love
Midnight Lilies
Picking up the Threads
Last Kiss Of Summer
Lettres d'amour
French Kisses
Sky Is Falling
Sunset Chill
Time Together
Crystal Water
White Wine Of The Moon
Deep Dive
Lost In Your Eyes
Love Is a Temple
Martini Bossa
Forgotten Places
City Of Pleasures
Midnight Lovers
Solveig's Song
1000 Miles Away - Simon & Florzinho Remix
Night Walk
Sky Is Falling - Original Mix
Love Puzzles
Eternal Beauty (feat. Tim Gelo)
Lucky Days Ahead
The Fall
Eternal Beauty - Mo'jardo Remix
Strange Passengers
Different World
After the Rain
1000 Miles Away (Simon & Florzinho Remix)
Waiting Here for You
Kisses Under the Palms
Warm Tea on a Cold Evening
Bel Amour
Mystic Traveller (Eskadet Remix)
Strange Passenger