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She Never Noticed Me
Made for Her Jesus
Kill For God
By Your Bedside
Spirit Of The Soldier
The Last Fantasy Of Christ
Christ, I Fucking Hate You!
Fantasy From Pain
I Didn't Kill Her
God Was Created
Lusting For Affection
To The Taste
You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore
I Must Not Live
Alone In Your Presence
Trinity Broadcasting (Know Your Enemy)
We Are All Dying
Darkness Is Comfort
The Lord's Work
What Could Go Wrong?
Her Beautiful Eyes
I Take Your Life
Whore Cunt Die
What You've Become
Saying Goodbye
No One Wins
Devour The Rotten Flesh
Reconditioning the Flock
Nameless Faces, Scattered Remnants
I Don't Want To Look Inside
Imagining The Loss
Murdered By The Earth
There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion
Jim The Prophet
In the Shadows We Dwell
A Dark Figure In The Distance
Christ, I F**king Hate You!
It's All My Fault
She Fucks Like She's Alive
Vehemence - I Take Your Life
Her Beautiful Eyes [*]
I Take Your Life (Bonus Track)
Reconditioning The Flock (Bonus Track)
Her Beautiful Eyes (Bonus)
Épopée - Par le sang versé
Trinity Broadcasting
Silly Sounds (Club Mix)