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Albums by this artist:

At Doom's Gate
A Sacred Lot
Angel's Legend
Eternal Shrine Maiden
The Legend of Kage
Oriental Magician
Eastern Strange Discourse
The Imp's Song
Angel's Legend (Slow)
Duck Tales Metal Theme
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)
Dark Halls
The Moon
On the Hunt
UNATCO from Deus Ex
Daemons on the Prey
Darkwing Duck Metal Theme
Vampire Killer
Black Night
Two-Faced Lovers
Heart of Fire
Out of Time
Wicked Child
Poison Mind
Land Select
Stage 1 (Space Colony Ruins)
Walking on the Edge
Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Metal Theme
Stage 2 (Underground Concourse)
Stage 3 (Headquarters)
City Center
African Mines
Stage 4 (Spaceship)
Journey to Silius Boss Theme
Suspense from Doom
F.O.W.L.'s Floating Fortress
St. Canard Warehouses
Den of Sagila from Rygar
New Bridge
Bermuda Stage
The Woods
St. Canard Sewers