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however many takes it takes
Pretty Polly
roman candle
2nd best
The Man In Me
Marianne, You've Done It Now
Marianne, You've Done It Now...
the streets is full of creeps
grace & speed
crooked mast
Fistful Of Swoon
out past the moat
Dig Down Deep
Divide & Conquer
different cities
A Mighty Leviathan Of Old
parasites & ghosts
The Nature Of Our Kind
Concerning Past & Future Conquests
Long Lost Cause
Resurrection Mary
The Wild Mercury
Before The Great War
That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Beverly Cleary's 115th Dream
The Sound & The Fury
Marianne, You've Done It Now (Plaisir de France Revisite)
Beat, Beat, My Heart
But Enough on That for Now
The Banks Of The Ohio
The Great Gray
Pick Up The Pace
Omie Wise
Love Is Melancholy, but It's All We've Got
As A Matter Of Fact
The Waking Hour
The Waking Hour (A Minor Spell)
Down In The Willow Garden
Everything Is Spinning
Merry Christmas Baby
The Gregarious Brain
The Railroad Boy
A Little Time Off Ahead
The Murder Of The Lawson Family
Good Morning
All Together For The Taking