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Concrete And Clay
Concrete & Clay
You've Never Been In Love Like This Before
Concret & Clay
I Was Only Playing Games
Tell Somebody You Know
Baby Never Say Goodbye
Sorrow And Pain
The Girl from New York City
Stop Wasting Your Time
Cross A Million Mountains
500 miles
Face In My Head
Rainy Day
Cotton Fields
I Won't Let You Down
(You've)never Been In Love Like This Before
Couldn't Keep It to Myself
For a moment
Something I Can Believe In
Woman From Liberia
When I Fall In Love
Too Fast,Too Slow
Booby Trap
Concrete & Clay (Re-Recorded)
Loving Takes A Little Understanding
3.30 A.M.
I Can't Stop
Unit Four Plus Two - Concrete And Clay
Wild Is The Wind
Swing Down Chariot
(Living In) The World Of Broken Hearts
You've got to be cruel to be kind
You'll Remember
3:30 (bonus)
The Lonely Valley
The Green Fields
I've Seen The Light (bonus)
I Will (bonus)
Concrete And Clay - Unit four plus two
Concrete & Clay - Unit Four Plus Two
I Will (Stereo)