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Albums by this artist:

Forever Dead
A Funeral For The Masses
Multiple Counts Of Murder
Obsessed With Homicide
Cannibal Gluttony
A Violent Scene Of Death
I Killed You
Heading Towards The Butchery
Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds
I Bathe In Their Blood
Sadistic Violation
Motivated to Kill
Fuck Them When They Bleed
By Their Corpse
The art of impalement
Rats Can Sense The Murder
No Time to Bleed
Scourging At The Pillar
Torture to Death
Gore Terror
Devil's Reject
Written in blood
Await his third arrival
Faces of my victims
March of death
The Book of a Dying World
Day of Cadavers
Defiled and Dead
I Chose Death
And All Will End in Terror
Succumb To Dark
A Funerl For the Masses
Violent Scene of Death
Heading Toward Butchery
Succumb To Dark (Demigod cover)
Art Of Impalement
Sotajumala - 8:15
Torture Killer - Day of Cadavers
Torture Killer - Defiled and Dead
The Book of Dying World