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Baby Jokes
Humorous story about drugs
Comedic take on drinking
Jokes about babies
Skits about parents
Humor in heartbreak
A whimsical story about throwing a baby
Mocking mood swings
Wisecracking about women
Spoofing about being single
Double entendre
Not A Fighter
Clowning about kissing
Year Pin
Wear Seatbelts
A Little Help From A Drunk
I Need A Gun
Cats Are Walkers
Where Are My Curtains
Scab Of The Wedding Party
Sexual shenanigans
Worst April Fool's Ever
Properly Dispose Of Your Condoms
A Little More Help From Drunk People
Mom Itunes
Being More Me
Making Love
Alpha Male
Love to Argue
Living, Sleeping and Eating Together
Man Of The House
Gosling Hot
Marry a Chick with a Baby
Making a Baby and Chipotle
Drunk Labor
Sister's Baby, Kidnapped by Dad
Visiting Grandma
30 Year Pin
Sexual Shenanigans (Part 2)
Double Entendre / Mocking Mood Swings
Jokes About Babies / Skits About Parents / A Whimsical Story About Throwing A Baby
Sexual Shenanigans (Part 1)
Not A Fighter / 30 Year Pin
Sister's Baby, Kidnapped By Dad / Visiting Grandma
Properly Dispose Of Your Condoms (Bonus Track)
A Little More Help From Drunk People (Bonus Track)