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Piss on Glass Mall Waterfall #3
Fondu or Don't
I'm not a Robot-Barbarian
The Singularity Song
'member sexy 'branes
Piss On Glass Mall Waterfall #1
Piss on Glass Mall Waterfall #2
The Beach in the Air Conditioner
Can't Own a Home
Intro: A Grave Affection
Monkey Heartbeat Departure Hour
Almond Fountain
Roots Dug into Dunes = Landslide
The Tuna Steak Gray Cat's Cute Snore
A 4-Way Game of Chess Played from the Corners of the Board
I Dreamnt I'd Already Dreamed All My Dreams Before
A Long Day of Small Worlds
10 Strange Friends and Friendly Strangers
Some Ways / One More Dream of Dying
HoPi Profiteers
A Tuna is as Close as the Cat Gets to a Diamond
A Picture Postcard
Depths of Field
The Crossing Guard
Sidetracked In Miami
Daddy Wants to Be a Robin
This Time (Not the Next Time)
The Bus is Coming
All In My Head
100 Kinds of Crazy
My Death
Faith Can Mean Can'T
Never Finished Counting
Devonte’s In A Coma
Pioneering New Emotions
A Grave Affectation - Intro
Me (Pluralesque)
The Baseball Player’s Wife
God Ain’t Ready For You
A Party Able Mode
So Open; Hurrah!
Some Ways, One More Dream Of Dying
Amorous Humphrey Plugg
Drunk on Doomsday
My Dick Is Small And I Smell Like Shit
A Young Man Ma-I-D/E A Need