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Albums by this artist:

Work from Home
When I Get Up
In Glendale
Trump’s Private Pilot
Trump Tower
What The Brokenhearted Do
Imperial Bathroom
Cleaning Up The Dog Shit
Richard Spencer
Sentencing Day
Ghost in My Bed
Funeral Shoes
I’m Not Good Enough
Trump Talkin’ Nukes
Trump's Pilot (30 Days, 30 Songs)
Good Looking Babies
For Chan
Mar a Lago
When the Cash Runs Out
Sometimes It Happens This Way
I Saw Nicolas Cage
I Dare You to Watch Me Sleep
Central Air
Cooked Chinese Chicken
Coffee’s Gone Cold
I Don’t Think About You (Much Anymore)
Life’s Too Long
Finally Getting Over
Wilbur Ross
Ocean’s Too Cold
Tobin and the Judge
Ride The Cain Train
Lord Cain
Chooglin' Cain Train
Ballad of the Incel Man
Cain Is Able
Ballad of ICE Agent Ray
Cain Skiffle / King Cain
Rake the Floor
Ocean's Too Cold
Cain Train Baby (feat. Rich Little)
My Master, My Master!
Running Out The Clock
Ballad of the Incel Man - Nebraska Version
Trump Talkin' Nukes
Episode 12: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy