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Albums by this artist:

20 Jazz Funk Greats
Hot on the Heels of Love
Still Walking
Beachy Head
Convincing People
Six Six Sixties
What a Day
Hamburger Lady
Discipline (Berlin)
Industrial Introduction
Hit by a Rock
Discipline (Manchester)
Blood on the Floor
Dead on Arrival
We Hate You (Little Girls)
Walls of Sound
Valley of the Shadow of Death
Almost a Kiss
Death Threats
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Hot On Heels Of Love
Very Friendly
Slug Bait - Live at Brighton
Rabbit Snare
Slug Bait - Live at Southampton
Slug Bait - ICA
Maggot Death - Southampton
20 Jazz Funk Greats - Remastered
Maggot Death - Live at Rat Club
Vow of Silence
Womb Of Corruption
Zyclon B Zombie
After Cease to Exist
Maggot Death - Studio
Something Came Over Me
Maggot Death - Brighton
Illuminated 666