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Albums by this artist:

No More Bad Days
Sleepwalking - Live Session
Better With You
Over It
Puppy Love
Bound To Break
Roots and Branches (Meant to be Alone)
Catie Rae
Looking Back
Don't Say
Ripped Away (feat. Nilu Madadi)
Pull Me Out
Falling Down - Edit
Break Me
Hold You Here
Break Down
Falling Down
Pink Tie
Hit the Reset
So Much Potential
Sleigh Ride
Heart-Shaped Box
Another Fight
It's Better I Go
Waste of Time
Take It Back
Stay Up Late
Brick Wall
Loose Ends
Let Go (feat. Maya Tuttle)
Figure It Out
Wicked Game
Just Yesterday
Alone With Me
It's Alright
Red Room
Concrete - Live Session
Change My Sheets
Sleepwalking (Live Session)
Roots and Branches (Meant to be Alone) - Live Session
Positively Negative
Snakes and Rats
You Changed Everything