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Albums by this artist:

Long Lost Century
Sudden Love (Acoustic)
Sudden Love - Acoustic
Bronze - Acoustic
Making Love On The Mountain
Making Love on the Mountain - Sexy Mix
Making Love on the Mountain (Sexy Mix)
Can We Stay
Bronze (Desert Mix)
Until The Day Dims
Beating Hearts Ablaze
Long Lost Century - Piano Solo
Better Than the Pain (Mellow Mix)
In The Dark On Monday
King And Queen
Through The Winter
Asleep In September
Aeroplanes (Acoustic)
Day To Day
Long Lost Century - Piano and Cello
On The Waves
Bronze - Desert Mix
Can We Stay (Hushed Mix)
Gems and Bones
King and Queen (Interlude)
Golden Days
Hold You Tonight
Better Than The Pain
Little Sparks
Fair And Bright
In The Dark On Monday (Heavy Hands Remix)
I Wanted You
Anymore (Heavy Hands Remix)
Until the Day Dims (Heavy Hands Remix)
Bronze (Mt. Mineral Remix) [Instrumental]
Long Lost Century (Hushed Mix)
The Woodlands - Summerland
Hold You Tonight (Mellow Mix)
Until the Day Dims (Postlude)
Aeroplanes - Acoustic
Sudden Love
Can We Stay (Heavy Hands Remix)
Little Sparks (Hushed Mix)
Until The Day Dims (Sundown Mix)