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Albums by this artist:

Anam Mana
Gaelic Ska
Rainbow Warrior
Maggie Meets Skagill
Keep On Running
Autographing Cheques
Gaelic Dub
Itchy Feet
Aulde Lang Syne
Brave Bells
Brother Can You Spare a Pound
Leabin Pharaig
Arna-Fari (Scotland the Brave)
Mason Apron
Cheque the Version
Birth Of A Hooligan
Trojan Warriors
Acid Rain
Ride Cowboy Ride
Stand By Me
The Great British Spliff
Deng Xiao Ping
Aulde Lang Dub
Atlas Genius
This music got soul
This Music's Got Soul
Soul & Inspiration
Going Out (Karma Mix)
The Last Rhino
Gone Is Yesterday
Good Friends
I'm Free
Brother Can You Spare a Pound?
Swine It (feat. Zoe Devlin)
When The War Comes
Auld Lang Syne
Only you
The Godfather
Rude Rude Rudy
I Saw My Baby
Love Forever
For feeling in love
The Spirit