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Money Is King
Down the Road
The Gold in Africa
The Rats
The Whe Whe Banker Wedding
Let Them Fight For Ten Thousand Years
Miss Marie's Advice
Icicle - 03/11/1996 John Peel
Try A Screw To Get Through
Maraval Girls
Marabella Wedding
Yaraba Shango
Point Cumana
Senorita Panchita
The Mysterious Tunapuna Woman
Mannie Dookie
Movie Stars
Birthday Song for Bella
Workers' Appeal
The Beautiful Land Of Lere
SeƱorita Panchita
Try to Get a Screw Through
The Beautiful Land of Iere
Hell Yard and George Street Conflict
Next Door Neighbour
Sadu Man
smile for me
The Gold Of Africa
Seta Panchita
Civil War In Spain
Look Like Me
In My Own Native Land
No No No Miss Angeline
I Don't Want Them to Stand Me Bail
Yuh Dead Now
Ah neighbours, neighbours
Darling Kimberlin
Track 16
Icicle (03/11/1996 John Peel)
Yuppie Guild
The Gold In Africa - The Tiger
Ellis Nottingham
Woe Woe Woe