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Albums by this artist:

Sleeping Gas
Bouncing Babies
Ha Ha I'm Drowning
Brave Boys Keep Their Promises
Second Head
Passionate Friend
When I Dream
Strange House In The Snow
Colours Fly Away
Bent Out Of Shape
The Great Dominions
Poppies in the Field
Tiny Children
Thief of Baghdad
The Poppies In The Field - BBC Session Peel Plus 1980
Like Leila Khaled Said
The Culture Bunker
Seven Views Of Jerusalem
The Thief of Baghdad
When I Dream - Original Version
Falling Down Around Me
Treason - Single Version
You Disappear From View
Traison (C'Est Juste Une Histoire)
... and the Fighting Takes Over
Ouch Monkeys
Camera Camera
Rachael Built A Steamboat
Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns
Soft Enough For You
Sleeping Gas (Live)
Serious Danger
Treason (It's Just A Story)
Count To Ten And Run For Cover
Better Scream/Make That Move - BBC Session Peel Plus 1981
Read It In Books
East of the Equator
Metranil Vavin
Christ Versus Warhol