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I Never Loved Her
Space Needle
Hand Full of Blood
there's still time
Billy's Blues
Cry for Freedom
Somethin' Else
Tell Me Baby
Three Roses
3 Roses
The Hardest Way
You Done Me Wrong
Chartreuse Caboose
Re-Entry (Instr.)
Stand By Me
Around and Around
Honky Tonk Twist
Great Balls Of Fire
Love Is Here To Stay
The Dances
Farmer John
Each Night At Nine
Peter Gunn
STARFIRES: I Never Loved Her
Hold Me
Won't Die Away
No Reply
Yearning For You
Dream Girl
Walkin' The Dog
Love Will Break Your Heart
No Correspondance
Fools Fall In Love
19 - Starfires - STARFIRES- I Never Loved Her
Something Else
14 The Starfires - Space Needle
I Never Loved Her (1966)
You're The One
It Must Be The Wine
So Much
Money (That's What I Want)
Fender Bender
She's Long And Tall