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Albums by this artist:

Catching Fireflies
Dripping Whispers
Elska Min
Joy Leaves
Sometime, Somewhere
Where the Trees Are Painted White
Set Sail To Nowhere
Ever Alone
Silent Charm
Sleeping Through The Night
Delayed Goodbye
Slip Away
Awake Among the Sleeping
Untitled (Piano and strings)
A Polite Decline
Pastels Slip Under the Horizon
The Midnight Ocean
Shallow Breathing
Lotus Flowers Bloom
Lost in the Waves
A Lonely Place
Shallow Breathing (Instrumental)
Awake Among The Sleeping (Demo Version)
Dreaming of You
Wind on Waves
The Last Moment
The Journey Home
Rain at Dusk
Alone in the Wind
A Simpler Time
Ever Alone (Instrumental)
The Comfort of Darkness
Delayed Goodbye (Instrumental)
Starlet (Instrumental)
Heading Home
A Polite Decline (Instrumental)