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Albums by this artist:

Bulletproof Heart
Painted Moon
Scottish Rain
I Can Feel It
Wild mountain thyme
The Real McCoy
Answer Me
Painted Moon (Blues Mix)
I Can't Cry
I Want You
I See Red
Razor Blades Of Love
A Blues For Buddha
I Can Feel It - Full Version
Walk With The Night
Number One Friend
Cellar Of Dreams
Sacred Child
A Letter From St. Paul
Wayfaring Stranger
Skin Games
God's Gift
Hey Mr Bank Manager
One Inch Of Heaven
Bullets And Blue Eyes
Sand And Stars
Blue Desire
I Ought To Know
The Art Of Self Deception
Robinson Crusoe In New York
Singing Ginger
Express Yourself
Just Can't Be Bothered
My Love Is Like A Wave / Razor Blade Reprise
The Last Mod
candy wbd
weep for america
21st Century
Electric Storm
Cameras And Colleseums
Afraid To Love
When The Night Comes Down
Something Worth Fighting For
It's Only Love
Robinson Rap
Walkmans And Magnums