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I'm So Excited
Jump (For My Love)
Neutron Dance
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
He's So Shy
Yes We Can Can
Don't It Drive You Crazy
I Need You
Jump (For My Love) - Single Remix
Send Him Back
Should I Do It
Automatic (Album Version)
Baby Come And Get It
Automatic - (12" ExtendedMix) - 12" Special Remix
American Music
I'm So Excited - 12" Remix
I'm So Excited (Re-EQ'd Version)
Automatic - 12" Special Remix
Jump For My Love
Im So Excited
Neutron Dance - from "Beverly Hills Cop"
Telegraph Your Love
Pinball Number Count
Automatic - Single Version
i'm so exited
We Are Family
Dance Electric
Dirty Work
Easy Persuasion
Heart To Heart
How Long (Betcha' Got A Chick On The Side)
Jump (DISCO 80s)
Someday We'll Be Together
I'm So Excited - Re-EQ'd Version
send him back (pilooski edit)
If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady
See How The Love Goes
Automatic (Extended Version)
Back In My Arms
Could I Be Dreamin'