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Albums by this artist:

Best in Life
Aim to Misbehave
Miyazaki Dreams
Acoustic Kitty
Everybody Dies
Paranormal Helpdesk
The Girl Who Waited
The Story of Me
Tiny Little Octopus
Nerd Love Song
The Weather
I Go Both Ways
The Girl Who Couldn't Even
The Lego Song
Love is Basic
We Want Rey
Delta You Delta Me
Toad's Lament
Rocket Science
On The Case
Nathan Fillion (Please Take off Your Pants)
Superheroes Are People, Too
Meant to Be
Something's Rotten: Hamlet's Lament
Robot vs Boy
I Ship It
The Ultimate Riot
Far Away and Distant One
Wheaton's Law
Astronaut's Hymn
Ill Eat You Last
Something's Rotten: Ophelia's Retort
Let the Wild Rumpus Start
I'll Eat You Last
Pi Day (I'm In Love)
Together Breakfast
Bang Bang Lulu
The Zombie Song
Wheaton's Law [explicit]
Schrodinger's Cat
Change The Locks
The Alligators