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Albums by this artist:

Franco the Bull
Franco the Bull (Album Version)
Rememories (Album Version)
Champagne (Album Version)
Ferdinand The Bull
01 - Champaign
02 - Ferdinand The Bull
03 - Instrumental
Franco The Bull [Instrumental]
01 - Champagne
03 - Franco the Bull
02 - Rememories
the one up downstairs - Champagne
Franco the bulll
02 Rememories
I Just Can't Get Enough
Franco the Bull (Album Version
The one up downstairs
I Just CanĀ“t Get Enough
The One Up Downstairs - 01 - Champaign
The One Up Downstairs - 03 - Franco the Bull
01 Champagne
03 Franco The Bull
Self Titled (Full EP)
Nobody's Nothing
03 - Francis The Bull
The One Up Downstairs - 02 - Rememories
The One Up Downstairs Ep
Don't Murder Your Friends
That Which Wasn't Said
01 01 01 Track 1
Francis the Bull