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Albums by this artist:

Deus ex Machina
Wrath of the Ba'ath
Master of the bryansk forests
I spew thee out of my mouth
Den ensomme nordens dronning
Fist of Stalin
Gods Amongst Insects
Army of the Despised
Human Wave Attack
7 Months of Suffering
Concrete Sarcophagus
Drugs, Thugs & Machetes
Todesnacht von stammheim
Dawn of the Planet of the Ashes
The Cruel Hunters
Connect the Goddamn Dots
The Haunted Ravines of Babi Yar
Qasr Al-Nihaya
The White Crematorium
Doomed to Slaughter
Forest of Flesh
1567 - Under the Blood Campaign
1917 - Spring Offensive (Dulce et Decorum est)
The Apotheosis
The Melleus Maleficarum Manuscript
The Deserved Reputation of Cruelty
Der Kriegmeister
The Furious Gods
Come Forth Lazarus
Colosseum Carnage
Hal Sinden's Radio Dramas
Planet Wrath
Rise of the Dhul-Fakar
Reign of Hell
Seven Months of Mysticum
I Conquistador
Feet of Jeremiah
Der Hexenhammer
This Inhuman Place Makes Human Monsters
Uchronian March of the Deathcults
Hangmen Also Die
From The Stalinic Perspective